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Tuesday Tea @ 3

Every Tuesday @ 3 in Tisch Commons the DUC hosts free tea and treats!

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On the First Friday of every month, stop by the North Entrance of the DUC for FREE Coffee & Donuts beginning at 9 a.m. and ending when the donuts are gone.

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Apply to be a DUCSA

Applications are due on Nov. 26

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DUC Dining

A turkey burger and fries from Diner 1850

1853 Diner

Mon-Fri, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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DUC Spaces


Southwest Patio

Southwest Patio provides outdoor seating for nearby eateries and hosts DUC tailgates in the fall.

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There's a student-run TV station in the DUC. Yep, WUTV is located in the Harvey Media Center and is always providing fantastic original student programming.
The DUC is a total of 116,000 square feet, made up of 19,233 cubic yards of concrete, 1,365 tons of Missouri red granite, 48 tons of mortar, 470 tons of reinforcing steel, 384 windows, 318 doors, 202 rooms and 10,800 square feet of bamboo flooring.
The DUC was constructed in 485 days, during which 30,258 square feet of linoleum, 26,154 square feet of carpet and 20,000 feet of slate roofing were installed.
The style and menus of the eateries in the DUC were chosen based on student input. More than 450 name submissions were received from 115 different members of the WUSTL community.
The DUC has a third floor! It's home to many of the offices that provide services to students. While hard to find, it's full of great people.
The director of the DUC has over 83 plastic ducks in her office. Almost every flat surface has ducks on it. Seriously, it's hard to find a place to sit!